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Month: May 2019

We All Need A Plan

It is a fair question to ask your financial advisor if he or she “eats their own cooking.” In other words, do they invest in the same way that they advise their clients to invest? If so, it shows that they have strong enough beliefs about investing to follow their own advice. That would be […]

Thoughts on Target Date Funds

The Wall Street Journal ran a feature recently on the popular target date funds that are often found as an investment option inside of retirement plans. These funds are designed to manage risk based on the age that investor plans to retire, typically in five year increments (2020, 2025, etc.). The use of these funds has […]

One Year Anniversary

Morton Brown Family Wealth has crossed the milestone of one year since our founding. Katie and I continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude. We are thankful for the trust of the families whom we serve, the team who has embraced our vision, and all of the family and friends who give loving support for the […]

A Little Fear Goes a Long Way

In March, the actor Luke Perry passed away at the young age of 52 from a stroke. Shortly after his death, I read an article in Forbes describing how Perry was prompted to draft a Will just a few years ago after a cancer scare. With a full slate of recent celebrity deaths that highlight poor […]