Legislative Response: The CARES Act

The medical response to COVID-19 is underway. Social distancing is the order of the day. Congress and the Fed have weighed in. Now, your professionals get to work. Among those professionals, the accountants, financial advisors, and attorneys are leaping into action to help small businesses and families.  I have received e-mails and outreach from the […]

perspective in a financial crisis

Gaining Perspective in a Financial Crisis

“The three stages of a bull market”: the first stage, when only a few unusually perceptive people believe things will get better, the second stage, when most investors realize that improvement is actually taking place, and the third stage, when everyone concludes things will get better forever.”   – Howard Marks, Mastering the Market Cycle The […]

stargazing financial crisis

Emerging From a Financial Crisis with No Regrets

We all feel caught off guard. The financial professional, the Do-It-Yourself investor, and the 401(k) participant three years from retiring. You might feel like only a few weeks ago you “coulda, woulda, shoulda” done something different with your investments. There is never enough safety when fear takes hold. If we had 10% in stocks a […]

no-conscience investor

How To Become a No-Conscience Investor

I watched a lot of high school basketball as a kid.  On Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, my father would take me to gyms throughout Baltimore to watch up-and-coming players.  In one game, I remember seeing a point guard miss his first dozen shots before taking over and scoring 20 points. My father’s comment was: […]

hands writing: valuable professional habit

Why Writing is The Most Valuable Professional Habit of an Advisor

“I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning.” -William Faulkner It is the one-year anniversary of my commitment to the most valuable professional habit benefitting clients: Writing. It took 15 years to figure out, but consistently writing and sharing may be the most important thing I do for our clients, […]