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Happy New Year!

You may have heard that Labor Day is the new New Year’s Day? It’s true. The schedule is packed, and the pace of life picks up in a way that would make January envious. For us, it is no different. We have a brisk schedule of meetings, conferences, and professional presentations that keep us informed […]

The Good Old Days

My house starts to go silent for a few hours this week. For the first time, all four of my kids will be in school.  The oldest in eighth grade, the youngest in pre-school. It has been ‘all hands on deck’ for thirteen years, always having a baby or toddler in the house. As you might […]

Career Maker

The conversation starts something like this: “I heard someone say ________ is going to happen to the stock market and I should do _______ to protect myself.” These are two distinct statements. One is a prediction, the other a prescription. Let’s talk about both sides and why big down days for the stock market are […]

“Why” Questions

As we all try to understand the connections of a volatile global economy, here are some articles from outside sources that I found interesting. I thought of some “Why” questions that have been on my mind and found writers who do a nice job of providing commentary: Why is investing never easy? (Of Dollars and […]

The Cost of Safety in the Bond Market

Fear helps us make choices, quickly. Without fear, the stock market would always go up and we would have no need to look for safe alternatives. If we are always making choices between growth, income, and preservation, then what do our investment options look like here in the Summer of 2019? The truth is, our […]

Buying Popular Stocks

You are going to meet your financial advisor and just saw that Apple released a new iPhone and the stock has jumped. You make a note to ask your advisor two things: “How can I improve my returns? Shouldn’t I just buy more Apple?” Both questions reflect normal temptations. The desire to do something to improve our […]

Politics and Investing

The competition for popularity, attention, and eyeballs is a way of life in the public sphere and always has been. The advent of personal branding has only put the “look at me” phenomenon on steroids. It has never been easier for a meteoric rise to take place in pop culture, politics, or business considering how […]

Managing Market Expectations

In the last month, stock markets around the world have been adjusting expectations. Managing market expectations about the future is important because often it is not a matter of economies being good or bad that drives shares higher. Of greater concern is whether the economy is getting better or worse. The U.S. economy growing at 2% instead […]

Thoughts on Target Date Funds

The Wall Street Journal ran a feature recently on the popular target date funds that are often found as an investment option inside of retirement plans. These funds are designed to manage risk based on the age that investor plans to retire, typically in five year increments (2020, 2025, etc.). The use of these funds has […]

Making Decisions Based on Past Performance

The first decade of the 21st century has been called a “Lost Decade” for investors. During that time, the U.S. stock market went through two bear markets before ending up flat for a ten-year period. This month marks the anniversary of a robust rebound. A regression to the mean known as a “Found Decade.”  In […]