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Leading with Purpose Introduction

Why would a financial advisor host a podcast about leadership? 

This year, I launched my new podcast called “Leading with Purpose”, where I interview leaders from different industries and backgrounds and help relate their experience to the financial decisions we all make.

So, why does this matter for you as you plan and invest for your future? Because my goal is not to create followers, it is to develop leaders. We have a follower culture. We see it in social media as influencers try to monetize their lifestyle by gaining followers. Unfortunately, we also see it among financial advisors when too often they ask their clients to blindly follow along with a strategy or investment product that the client really doesn’t understand. They are just willing to trust.

Follower Culture

I like using the Wizard of Oz analogy to show the perils of following: The advisor is content to be the great and powerful Oz, all-knowing and all-seeing. The client is willing to go along with that because they believe the secret to financial success is finding the right “wizard”, um, advisor.

But we know that’s not true. Dorothy found that out, too. There was no wizard. In fact, the power to achieve what she wanted had resided within her all along. She did not need to follow a charlatan. Dorothy needed the confidence to set her own path and she gained that through her journey.

Traits of a Financial Leader

If you were to develop as a financial leader in your own life, what would change for you? Here are some differences between financial leaders and followers:

  • A follower takes someone else’s path. A leader charts their own unique course.
  • A follower lets others take responsibility for the outcome. A leader accepts accountability.
  • A follower is only concerned with the destination. A leader knows that a success is found in the journey.

I don’t want you to be a follower. I want to help you become a better leader of your family’s finances. I want you to make confident decisions, ask better questions, and be purposeful in your journey to financial freedom. I draw upon my experience as an Army officer, as a leader in the advisory business, and from my conversations with other leaders I respect in our community.

Goals for Leading with Purpose

Here are some things I want to explore on the Leading with Purpose podcast:

  • Mindset: The mental frameworks that help leaders make better decisions.
  • Grit: How to stick with your plan through the ups and downs of life and the markets.
  • Communication: How we share ideas and navigate critical conversations.
  • Creativity: Learn creative problem solving from people with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Leading with Purpose is rooted in my life-long learning process that I believe can help you improve your relationship with money. I am going to share my conversations, what I am reading, and what I am listening to.

I have more to learn and I invite you to grow along with me as I engage with interesting people each month.

Why would a financial advisor start a podcast about leadership? 

Because I don’t want you to follow me, I want you to lead, with purpose, in your family’s financial life.

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