Find Your Balance, Live Your Life

As you move closer to retirement, you will need the right partner.

you have complexity. you need a partner.

We believe you deserve better than much of the financial industry has to offer. Morton Brown Family Wealth provides a collaborative partnership designed to create a wealth management experience like no other. Fiduciary advice that places client interests ahead of our own, certified planning professionals with a focus on personal and family wealth, and a fearless commitment to clarity that runs counter to the confusion of Wall Street.

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you desire certainty

It takes humility to invest well. Whether you are a self-taught investor, or you have relied on professional advisors to lead the way, understanding how your past defines and impacts your actions is the key to understanding how to foster good investing habits. Morton Brown Family Wealth has designed an investment philosophy around the intentional approach that encompasses our role as a portfolio manager, risk manager, and behavioral coach.

Not all financial advisors are created equal. In fact, there is no
prerequisite for calling yourself a financial advisor.

you seek confidence

Our wholistic approach to financial planning and investing allows families the freedom to dream, create, innovate, and pursue new passions. Our Certified Financial Planners™ are here to guide you through your financial journey.