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Retirement Planning

Planning for the future means planning for what could be

At Morton Brown Family Wealth, we understand that retirement does not necessarily mean leaving the workforce behind. Retirement does mean the freedom to pursue your life’s passions. By preparing for this new beginning and creating a retirement planning strategy, you have the ability to design the life you want to live.


A crucial piece of our financial planning service, retirement plans are a collaborative process between advisor and client. We take inventory of what you have, what you may have in retirement, and weigh-in different possibilities and options. We also account for life’s unexpected events to build a plan that is realistic and responsive.

Our retirement planning process usually involves:

  • Developing an income and spending plan considering all sources
  • Identifying an optimal Social Security benefits strategy
  • Evaluating pension options and other benefits
  • Determining tax efficiency
  • Coordinating account distributions

setting retirement goals

Understanding your vision for the future is a big part of retirement planning. Whether you are looking to continue working, travel, start a new business, or spend more time with family, we strive to create confidence and clarity in a clear vision for what comes next. You may find it difficult to think about making decisions based on future unknowns. That is why our advisor team is prepared to guide you through these kinds of high value decisions.

understanding benefits

The timing of Social Security is one of the most frequent questions we are asked by individuals approaching retirement. While this is certainly a piece of the puzzle, we look at all of the ways we can help you maximize your income. We start by understanding your family’s financial needs and discuss all available income streams and how to make them work for you. This is why it is so important to have a retirement plan in place.

retirement planning means PREPARING FOR THE UNEXPECTED

Whether due to economic shifts, family obligations, or health issues, the unexpected happens. When creating a retirement plan, our advisors work with you to create one that will be flexible to life’s changes. When retirement comes early, our advisors offer professional guidance rooted in a deep understanding of your financial needs and goals. We also provide powerful tools to help you keep track your investments and view posited scenarios to understand how your plan will respond to varying factors.

finding purpose in retirement

No matter where you are in your journey, our goal is to help you find the balance you need to live a life of purpose. We understand that financial balance is just one aspect of creating a successful “second act”. It is for that reason our advisors have built a network of coaches, mentors, and other professionals who can help you achieve meaning and fulfillment throughout your retirement years.