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Simply Why Podcast

Finding Happiness

40% of our happiness comes down to the choices we make. In this episode of Simply Why, Dennis Morton and Katie Brown engage in a meaningful conversation about the age-old debate of whether money can truly buy happiness. They provide a fresh perspective on the relationship between money and happiness, drawing insights from positive psychology […]

Investing Habits

What’s the key to long-term investing success? Good habits. Dennis and Katie agree the key to success isn’t just about the balance of stocks and bonds but your ability to stick with your investment strategy. The episode underscores the valuable impact of financial advisors in providing behavioral coaching, with a reference to the Vanguard Advisor […]

Deferred Planning

According to Fidelity’s annual Financial Resolutions Report, 70% of Americans claim they have a financial plan. Dennis and Katie disagree. According to these financial advisors, they don’t have a problem with the number, but rather the definition of what Americans constitute as a “financial plan”. They share how they help families who have deferred proper […]

Overcoming Ego

A stubborn ego can cloud one’s judgment, leading to short-sighted investment decisions. This is significantly pronounced in recent market phenomena, like the cryptocurrency and NFT trends, where inflated egos led to the creation of economic bubbles that ultimately burst, causing in some cases, severe financial damage. Dennis and Katie share the importance of recognizing ego […]

Three Words

Dive into this captivating conversation where Dennis and Katie reveal the simple three-word strategy that has helped drive their business growth for the past five years. Learn how you can use this simple exercise to integrate your core values into daily decision-making for a purpose-driven and meaningful life. Essentially boiling down to three words that […]

Lessons Learned

The last few years for investors have been historic and exhausting. Katie and Dennis take a look back at how fast-paced the financial markets changed and the challenges faced by investors. With different things working at different times, it can be easy to lose sight of a plan or strategy. Dennis and Katie share what […]

Looking Forward

Looking forward to a new year, Dennis and Katie describe how they’ve structured this into an annual activity with their team and how it could translate into a powerful tool for couples and families planning for the year ahead. With thought-provoking and sometimes challenging prompts, the Looking Back/Looking Forward exercise provides a framework for reflection […]

Vision Casting

Do you have a plan for the new year ahead? Dennis and Katie reveal how their planning sessions at year-end evolved into a need to recast their vision for the future. They reflect on their journey and share what led them back to the drawing board to recraft their future growth plans for the firm. […]

Crafting Cohesion

Dennis and Katie give some examples of the random collection of investments and products they’ve seen built up over time on client statements. They explain why a cluttered portfolio can be a detriment to achieving financial goals while highlighting the importance of a cohesive strategy and identifying purpose when choosing to add something new or […]

Seeking Certainty

Dennis and Katie discuss Morgan Housel’s new book Same as Ever: A Guide to What Never Changes. Dennis and Katie dive into Housel’s chapter titled “Does Not Compute”. They explore the author’s real-life examples of how motivation, emotions, and mindset heavily influence human performance and investor behavior. Get the book: Connect with Katie & […]