leading with purpose podcast microphone

Leading with Purpose Introduction

Why would a financial advisor host a podcast about leadership?  This year, I launched my new podcast called “Leading with Purpose”, where I interview leaders from different industries and backgrounds and help relate their experience to the financial decisions we all make. So, why does this matter for you as you plan and invest for […]

couple looking at thoughtful investment process reports

Thoughtful Investment Process

A brokerage statement can be a neat, orderly presentation of chaos if we focus on the wrong things. What if we had a sense of what our investments should be doing, not just what they did? What if we made a thoughtful investment process the norm? Case in point: Compare your statements from the end […]

high value decisions

High Value Decisions When Nearing Retirement

“…The most optimistic psychology is always applied when things are thought to be going well, compounding and exaggerating the positives, and the most depressed psychology is applied when things are going poorly, compounding the negatives. This guarantees that extreme highs and lows will always be the eventual result in cycles, not the exception.” – Howard […]

man selling annuity contract

Is An Annuity Right for Me?

No doubt you have heard of annuities. Maybe you have even kicked the tires on an annuity before, wondering about the downside to something that sounds so good. If you are curious about what annuities are, if you are unsure if they make sense for you, and especially if an insurance agent who isn’t a […]

couple evaluating offer to sell a business

When You Want to Sell a Business and Need a New Advisor

It started as a sneaking suspicion. Then it became a wistful conversation with your spouse on a long, tropical vacation. Now, you think it might be time to get serious about it. It’s time to sell your business. Who do you call first?  A new financial advisor. The Epiphany “I have four advisors but I […]