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Financial Risk Management

At Morton Brown Family Wealth, our advisors integrate financial risk management strategies and guidance into our financial planning and investment processes. Each client’s risk exposure and risk tolerance are unique. Your risk cannot be eliminated and will change over time.

Financial Risk Management at Morton Brown Family Wealth

Understanding Your investment risk tolerance

At the very beginning of the client relationship, our advisors strive to understand and define your risk parameters. There are several financial risk management considerations including your tolerance for loss, liquidity needs, and financial leverage.

By utilizing a risk tolerance platform called Riskalyze, we are able to strategically align your risk tolerance with your financial plan and investments. This risk assessment tool uses your responses to subjective questions to assign a Risk Number. Your score is used as a guide to help frame financial planning and investing conversations with you and your family. We frequently work with spouses and families with differing risk scores and help them to navigate an appropriate risk strategy.

Proactive Financial Risk Management

Your initial risk score is just the starting point. Our proactive approach to financial risk management involves periodically recalculating your risk score and financial needs, especially as you pass certain milestones in life. Adjustments are then made to your financial plan and portfolio, as necessary. We utilize various illustrations including portfolio risk assessments, retirement maps, and stress tests to ensure that your financial plan is properly aligned with your risk tolerance. Our advisors recognized that your risk tolerance will change due to a multitude of internal and external factors. This is especially true as you move closer and enter retirement.

life and risk changes

When you have a young family and a mortgage, the risk of passing away at an early age is real and present. As you approach retirement, you may be more concerned about long-term care and whether you have saved enough.


Whether discussing traditional life insurance or long-term care insurance, conversations on these topics can be emotional and complex, especially as policies tend to be ‘sold’ more than they are ‘bought’. From a fiduciary perspective, our team takes pride in a deep understanding of how insurance can be effectively used to help provide security at different stages of life, without detracting from your other financial priorities. We can model scenarios that will help you understand if you have too much insurance, not enough, and what is the right type for you. We partner with multiple carriers and can evaluate both simple and complex strategies that may help you to provide financial security or achieve the goals of your estate plan.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Our approach to tailored wealth management services is paramount for families with complex financial needs. As a fiduciary, we have created a financial risk management structure that amplifies our commitment to acting in the best interest of our clients. When we make an investment recommendation it is because we believe it is the best choice for your long-term success.

The Riskalyze service is offered for informational and educational purposes only. No information contained  in your Riskalyze report should be considered as investment advice or an investment recommendation offered by Morton Brown. Riskalyze is an unaffiliated third party service and is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor or a broker-dealer. Neither Riskalyze nor Morton Brown make any representation as to the suitability of the Riskalyze services for any purpose and Morton Brown will not be liable for any consequences or damages that may arise through your use of Riskalyze. Information provided in connection with use of the Riskalyze service should be construed as a solicitation or offer to sell or recommend securities, financial advice, or insurance products.