Financial Planning Philosophy

We believe that thinking expansively about the possibilities of life begins with a firm understanding of one’s personal resources and a guide to help best utilize those resources. We also believe financial planning is not once and done, but rather it spans years and often generations. Life is ever changing and can be unpredictable. We endeavor to be a steady presence as circumstances evolve.

Our clients are led through a collaborative planning process based on the core tenets of our financial planning philosophy: awareness, flexibility, and confidence.

  • Awareness of who you are encompasses what you own, what you value, and what you aspire to be. When those pieces of knowledge work in concert, clarity is created. By cultivating this self-awareness, we can identify the risks and opportunities unique to your family, thus freeing you to block out the irrelevant noise.
  • Flexibility allows you to pivot as opportunities emerge or needs change. We feel strongly that people should have access to their money with as little friction as possible. Therefore, we actively seek solutions that can be repositioned without penalties of excessive time or fees.
  • Confidence is gained through greater understanding and the development of trust. Taking the time to teach and guide clients to a place of understanding equips them to be effective stewards of their wealth. We believe fostering confidence is an on-going process, worthy of the time invested.

This financial planning philosophy succeeds through an engaging process that brings money and life into balance to design a custom, fluid plan for each of our partner families. We then use tools to illustrate this plan in a simple fashion to show how good decision making can have a lasting impact.

When we help to enlighten our clients, give them flexibility, and build confidence; freedom emerges. Freedom to envision the possibilities of life and legacy.

our Investment Approach

Our investing philosophy not only includes how we manage finances, but also risk and behavior.