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Financial Planning

Life is fluid and unpredictable. As financial planners, we recognize and embrace the importance of bringing clarity to your financial life. We keep your financial planning goals at the forefront of our client relationship. This helps us and you remain focused and thoughtful as risks and opportunities arise. With a clear financial planning philosophy, we help raise your awareness, so you feel empowered to make informed decisions based on your own unique circumstances.

We know that successful financial planning is often driven less by financial resources than it is by intentional and personal preferences. This can include creating a family legacy, supporting philanthropy, and realizing lifestyle expectations. Building a trusting environment in which open discussions can occur between everyone involved may be the single most important element in the formulation of an effective plan.

Introduction to Our Financial Planning Process

Our Financial Planning Process

Our Financial Planning Process: Getting Organized

Getting organized

The thought of pulling all of the pieces of your financial life together may feel overwhelming. We understand that life naturally gets more complicated, especially as you approach retirement. But our team guides the discovery process so that it is as streamlined as possible. We leverage a suite of technology solutions and customized data gathering processes to make things more efficient for you and your spouse. Our goal is to simplify the beginning of the financial planning journey and make every next step that much easier.

By the end of this initial step, you will feel more organized and ready to move forward.

Gaining Awareness

Compiling statements and information is not enough. You need clarity and awareness of what you own, how you own it, and the purpose behind each piece of your financial life. We understand that you are more than what is in your statements. We take the time to listen and understand your “why”. Your money and investment decisions are about more than just you. They are about your family, your business, and your life. Our financial planning team works closely with you, your family, and your closest advisors to help find the path toward common goals. Much of this step is rooted in education. Our financial advisors help build your knowledge base around the different facets of your financial well-being.

At the end of this process, you will have gained clarity and a renewed awareness.

Our Financial Planning Process: Gaining Awareness
Our Financial Planning Process: Creating the Plan

Creating the Plan

Our advisors work diligently to bring the pieces of the puzzle together into one unified strategy with your family at the center. We identify and address gaps as well as set short-term and long-term priorities. Action plans are put in place. While the plan is just the start, you now have a professional team to guide you every step of the way. You also have a clear understanding of the purpose behind each action item and how it supports your financial planning goals.

At this stage, you will feel motivated and proud of the work you and your team have accomplished together.

Building Confidence

You have learned a lot over the course of your financial planning journey. As you navigate the road ahead, you now have a greater understanding of how your wealth works for you. You understand the levers that keep your financial well-being on track and how to stay flexible as life throws you curve balls. You know how best to lean on and utilize your professional team for education, guidance, and support. You trust that they will place your best interest first. All of the work to get organized, build clarity, and tackle action items now gives you and your family great confidence in what the future holds.

You will feel confident in your ability to make sound financial decisions in support of the life you want to live.

Our Financial Planning Process: Building Confidence

Finding Balance

The life you lead requires a healthy dose of curiosity and confidence. We believe our role is to distill what is relevant for our clients to build knowledge of opportunity and risk. Our wholistic approach to wealth management allows families the freedom to dream, create, innovate, and pursue new passions.