Building a Collaborative Team EP04

Restrictions due to COVID-19 hit the travel and tourism industry hard. The number one priority? Safety. I recently sat down with Tom Stoudt, the Executive Director for Lehigh Valley International Airport, to discuss how he is leading a regional airport and facing this challenge head-on. Tom, with a unique background as an aircraft mechanic who rose through the ranks into the executive suite, provides the key to his success as a leader: Collaboration. He also provides an insider look at how airports and airlines are preparing to move beyond the pandemic to provide a safe environment for workers and the public.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The art and science of engineering safety into the system.
  • The impressive team it takes to get planes off the ground in a heavy infrastructure environment.
  • Assigning deputies and the importance of not operating in isolation.
  • How Tom’s background as an aircraft mechanic serves him in problem-solving as a leader.
  • Being vigilant and focused as a leader. Preventing distraction and information overload.
  • Communicating safety and ensure proper flow of information.
  • Changing goals and shifting priorities in the face of major events (such as pandemics).
  • Building a strong and diverse team. Trusting that team and making sure to listen as their leader.

STAY TUNED: Dennis asks Tom for an insider’s perspective on what aviation and the travel industry will look like beyond COVID-19.

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