Entrepreneurship in Family Wealth – EP08

In this episode I talk with my business partner Kathryn M. Brown, CFP, CHFC, Co-founder & Principal of Morton Brown Family Wealth about the mindset it takes to succeed in a role that requires steadiness, perspective, and, most of all, trust. Stress and anxiety tend to show up in our relationships with money and in our health. We’ll talk about how a professional stays focused for the benefit of the people she serves.

Katie has a degree in economics and finance from York College. She has lead financial planning, operations and compliance as a partner in an advisory firm for over 15 years. Her specialities are investments, retirement, insurance, taxation and estate planning. 

In this episode we explore: 

  • How an advisor’s personal relationship with money influences the way she provides advice to clients.
  • What leading an advisory firm can teach us about the habits of successful investors.
  • The mindsets that support healthy habits around health and wealth. 
  • Developing interpersonal relationships between money and the social element of being an advisor to help clients build healthy relationships with money.
  • How being a good business owner translates into being a good financial advisor.
  • Developing trust between your team members and your clients in order to best support them.
  • How does someone know if they have a good financial advisor? What should they look for?
  • The negative impact of client fear on the development of trust with their advisor.
  • How a changing relationship with money changes how she advises clients today.
  • What she’s learned from three years in business and her perspectives on the clients she serves.
  • Why she dislikes the stock market when it comes to deciding where and how to invest money.
  • The things that can inhibit an advisor’s ability to deliver advice in their best capacity.
  • What she’s learned about herself as a leader from being an entrepreneur.
  • What her professional goals are for her career and for our agency.
  • The behind-the-scenes details that a financial planner does, which most clients would be surprised to know about.
  • The best advice she was ever given.
  • What the best win of her career is so far.

On the personal side of things, Katie is an athlete and enjoys running, tennis, and rugby. She discusses how they contribute to her success as a business leader and financial advisor. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Valley Youth House, which supports children in foster care as they transition to adulthood, and provides shelter and outreach services. 

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