Leadership Lessons From a Pandemic Expert E01

In this inaugural episode, I am joined by Dr. Michael J. Consuelos, a leading voice in public health crises, emergency preparedness response, and pandemic response. Dr. Consuelos is a fellow Army veteran and currently serves as an executive coach and consultant in the healthcare space.

Both located in the Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania, we came together just as our area started to experience the economic effects of COVID-19. In addition to Dr. Consuelos’s extensive experience working with healthcare executives, we pull together our backgrounds in the military to provide decision makers and business leaders with tools to successfully navigate and lead their people through the coronavirus pandemic. Listen in for our take on…

  • Incorporating After Action Reviews and proper internal communications
  • Making battlefield promotions
  • Instituting a business continuity plan
  • Running a virtual organization while keeping teams engaged
  • Keeping pace and cadence in virtual meetings
  • Learning from emergency response teams
  • Finding your “battle buddy” and preventing isolation
  • Noticing behavioral health issues and signs in employees and clients
  • Avoiding the “sacrifice syndrome” and incorporating self-care and healthy habits
  • Utilizing “hot wash” methods to learn and grow from this experience

Key takeaway: “The team you have at the beginning of this is not going to be the same team you are in the end.”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline: Text Hello to 741741

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