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Calculating Your Return On Life

So often our money conversations are black and white. How much do I have? Are my investments up or down? Do I have enough? But, enough for what? As financial advisors, we often challenge the traditional money conversation. We help to expand it beyond thinking in terms of return on investment, rather encouraging our clients […]

Charitable Giving for The Whole Family

As we enter the season of giving, charitable giving is top of mind. I love this time of year. Everything seems to glow a bit brighter. While my runs turn colder, I enjoy seeing the seasons change. Watching as the lights go up in the Parkway and neighborhood houses are spruced up with festive decorations […]

Organizing Your Finances

As the weather warms, it is hard not to think about all that spring can bring. It is also a popular time for “spring cleaning” as you open your windows and doors to refresh your home after a long winter. In this season of renewal, you may also look to spruce up your personal habits as well, including organizing your finances.  Take Inventory  Too many accounts […]

Turning Savings Into a Retirement Paycheck

When the stock market is near all-time highs, smart investors feel confident as they reflect on the strategies that have made them successful.  As their wealth has grown, they have benefitted from many of the advantages of savers. This includes buying the dips, rising income and savings, and tax-free growth in their retirement plans. However, […]

Tips for Setting New Year Financial Goals

There have been many terms used to describe this past year. The most common of which being “unprecedented”. As the year turns over, many of us are looking forward to 2021 being a new year full of possibility and new beginnings. Even more so than in years past. While this positive outlook is a good […]

Setting Effective 2021 Financial Goals

How has your year been? October starts the fourth quarter of the year. In the business world, top companies kick off “Q4” by gathering together their leadership teams to assess what’s gone right this year, what’s gone wrong, and what steps they can take to finish the year with strong forward momentum. My partner, Katie Brown, […]

Home Economics and Financial Balance

In middle school, I took a class in home economics that taught me skills to run a household like a tight ship. I learned to sew (a sweatshirt) and cook (using baking soda when I should have used baking powder). My teacher, Mrs. Phelps, knew a lot about managing a high intensity household as her […]

When Retirement Comes Early

Do you have a date set for when you will retire?  Maybe it’s the day you turn 65, or maybe when you are eligible for your full Social Security benefit. Whether it is imminent or still a few years off, you have probably thought hard about how to prepare your family and your finances for […]