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Happy New Year!

You may have heard that Labor Day is the new New Year’s Day? It’s true. The schedule is packed, and the pace of life picks up in a way that would make January envious. For us, it is no different. We have a brisk schedule of meetings, conferences, and professional presentations that keep us informed and thinking about how to enhance the experience of our clients.

Recent Financial Headlines

In all the bustle, you may have picked up on some recent financial headlines such as:

  • Interest rates are sharply down, then sharply up.
  • A recession is imminent, then it’s not
  • Oil prices spike on Saudi Arabia attacks
  • Gold is up almost 17% this year

During times when the market seems contrary, I find it helpful to find perspective and avoid the day-to-day movements.  Here are some late-Summer evening reads that I found interesting:

The Long-Term Odds Say Stay Invested – Real Clear Markets

Michael Cannivet of RealClear Markets reminds us of the emotional factor when looking at the markets and “not to overact to short-term market noise”. Read more about his take on recent performance and forecasting.

Assessing the Value of Advice – Vanguard

A whitepaper outlining Vanguard’s data-centric approach to calculating the value of financial advisors, considering portfolio, financial, and emotional outcomes. No time to digest the full paper? Check out the summary on page 10 that provides a neat wrap-up.

U.S. Bond Yields Made In Germany – Ed Yardeni

Ed points out the interesting parallel between the rising of the 10-year German government bond yield and the rising U.S. Treasury bond yields.

History Says Stocks Can Perform Well After Oil Shocks- Ciovacco Capital

A good point made about realistic expectations amid media blitzes. “Having realistic expectations about a wide range of scenarios, including those on the bearish side of the ledger, can help us avoid emotional surprises.”

Enjoy the first days of Autumn and we look forward to sharing some research and planning ideas with you in the weeks to come.