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Special Market Report: May 2022

Below is a special report on recent markets and events. We understand many of the headlines may cause concern and we want to assure you that Morton Brown Family Wealth is here to answer any questions you may have. The following bullet points will provide an overview of what is happening in the markets. Note: This report […]

Our Two Cents on Bitcoin

Originally posted in February of 2021, this article has since been updated as of December, 2021. Let’s start out with a disclaimer: We do not consider ourselves experts on cryptocurrency (or blockchain technology). At the same time, it is our responsibility as advisors to understand enough to identify potential pitfalls and/or opportunities. So, we offer this […]

Facing a Stock Market Correction

What is a Market Correction? Market corrections are defined as the stock market or a specific index dropping in value between 10 to 20 percent. Once it drops below 20 percent, that’s when we would refer to it as a “bear market”. Market corrections are naturally occurring events when the market readjusts and rights itself. […]

Home Bias and Portfolio Risk

Successful wealth management requires us to construct diverse investment portfolios made up of different asset classes, including stocks. In choosing our investments we often have biases that unknowingly create challenges as market cycles change. For many investors, what they know best are the stocks of their own country. They often ignore the opportunities that exist […]

Thoughtful Investment Process

A brokerage statement can be a neat, orderly presentation of chaos if we focus on the wrong things. What if we had a sense of what our investments should be doing, not just what they did? What if we made a thoughtful investment process the norm? Case in point: Compare your statements from the end […]

Is An Annuity Right for Me?

No doubt you have heard of annuities. Maybe you have even kicked the tires on an annuity before, wondering about the downside to something that sounds so good. If you are curious about what annuities are, if you are unsure if they make sense for you, and especially if an insurance agent who isn’t a […]

How to Invest in a Crisis from Warren Buffett

“Perhaps with a bias, I don’t believe anyone knows what the market is going to do tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I know America’s going to move forward over time, but I don’t know for sure and we learned this on Sept. 10, 2001. And we learned it a few months ago in […]

How To Become a No-Conscience Investor

I watched a lot of high school basketball as a kid. On Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, my father would take me to gyms throughout Baltimore to watch up-and-coming players. In one game, I remember seeing a point guard miss his first dozen shots before taking over and scoring 20 points. My father’s comment was: “He has […]

Looking Ahead: SECURE Act Update

The closing weeks of 2019 gave us plenty to celebrate and plan for as investors.  In contrast to 2018, where it was nearly impossible to find growth in stocks, bonds, or any asset for that matter, 2019 provided plenty of opportunity for returns. There was volatility in the mix, however, as trade talks, domestic politics, and […]