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Simply Why Podcast

Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor

After attending an industry conference, Dennis and Katie felt challenged to revisit the standard questions prospective clients ask when evaluating a financial advisor. In this episode, they discuss how to deepen those initial conversations to create a meaningful human connection. They also highlight some red flags to look for when speaking with an advisor who […]

Building a Successful Partnership

Why do opposites attract? Join Dennis and Katie as they introduce their (professional) partnership and the stumbling blocks they overcame as two former colleagues turned business owners. They share tools and resources that help them embrace their differences, align their instincts, create a shared vision, and prioritize what makes the journey worthwhile. Listen in for […]

Introducing – Simply Why: A Podcast About Money & Purpose

As financial advisors and business owners, hosts Dennis Morton and Katie Brown are focused on providing purpose-driven financial advice to couples and families. On this podcast, they take a step back from their day-to-day advisor duties to discuss the meaningful decisions families make about money. Sometimes they agree…and sometimes they don’t. But they both believe […]