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Simply Why Podcast

Crafting Cohesion

Dennis and Katie give some examples of the random collection of investments and products they’ve seen built up over time on client statements. They explain why a cluttered portfolio can be a detriment to achieving financial goals while highlighting the importance of a cohesive strategy and identifying purpose when choosing to add something new or […]

Seeking Certainty

Dennis and Katie discuss Morgan Housel’s new book Same as Ever: A Guide to What Never Changes. Dennis and Katie dive into Housel’s chapter titled “Does Not Compute”. They explore the author’s real-life examples of how motivation, emotions, and mindset heavily influence human performance and investor behavior. Get the book: Connect with Katie & […]

Living Abundantly

This episode is all about abundance. Dennis and Katie share how they help clients to permission themselves to live abundantly, not only during the holiday season but all year round. This is just a part of their role as financial advisors to encourage the families they work with to develop a consistent money mindset. Connect […]

All About Control

The feeling of control when it comes to money can be triggering. Dennis and Katie share the varying ways control shows up in client conversations. Our perceived level of control can have lasting impacts on our emotions, tolerance levels, and how we see the world. Katie and Dennis also discuss how a perceived lack of […]

Delayed Gratification

Most advisors tout the benefits of sacrificing the now in favor of the future. However, the savings habits formed by clients can cause a tougher transition when turning those savings into a paycheck. Dennis and Katie discuss some drawbacks of delayed gratification in personal finance. They share how they coach couples through these transitions and […]

Growth Matters

Why does growth matter? Feeling energized on the heels of Future Proof, Dennis and Katie share their view of what it means to be a growing advisory firm and why that should matter to clients. They offer how they see their own firm’s growth leading to better service, better offerings, and more attention for their […]

Market Commentary

At the end of each quarter, Dennis and Katie’s team provide a live public commentary on market performance. In this podcast episode, the advisors share their belief in the importance of this type of communication. They reveal the common themes that pop up in their market commentary and how they encourage healthy investor behavior. Katie […]

Couples’ Communication

How do you communicate about money? Dennis and Katie work with many couples who have different communication styles. In this episode, they highlight the differences they see in communication styles and how that impacts the financial conversation. Katie and Dennis share how they help as advisors to facilitate a safe space for money conversations. Connect […]

Managing Stress

What stresses out your financial advisor? It may not be what you think. Katie and Dennis disclose common behind-the-scenes stressors for financial advisors and how they can trickle down to clients. Katie and Dennis reveal how they’ve designed a service model that helps to alleviate stress and allows their team to show up for clients […]

Making Mistakes

Even smart investors make mistakes! Dennis and Katie highlight the common mistakes made by both clients and advisors when it comes to investing. They explore what leads to these pitfalls and tips on how investors can potentially avoid them in the future. Listen in as they share real-life examples and reflect on their role as […]