Turning Passion Into Service – EP10

After building companies and sparking innovation, many entrepreneurs start to think about how to better their communities through commitments of time, talent, and treasure. Whether serving on the board of a non-profit, or raising money for a cause close to their hearts, successful business owners bring a unique perspective to community leadership. In this this discussion, I am joined by Susan Yee, the CEO of Active Data and a renowned community leader. In our conversation, we explore a fascinating phase of an entrepreneur’s journey where the ideas, skills, and innovation that drove business success are then turned outward for the benefit of the community. 

In this episode we are going to learn:

  • How an entrepreneur’s upbringing shaped both her career and how she serves her community.
  • The business leadership lessons that can be applied to serving on a non-profit board.
  • How engagement with a community organization can turn into advocacy for the unique challenges of our time.

If you want your leadership to be impactful in all of your endeavors, you are going to love this conversation.

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