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Aggressive Balance Podcast

Turning Passion Into Service – EP10

After building companies and sparking innovation, many entrepreneurs start to think about how to better their communities through commitments of time, talent, and treasure. Whether serving on the board of a non-profit, or raising money for a cause close to their hearts, successful business owners bring a unique perspective to community leadership. In this this […]

Preparing to Buy or Sell A Business – EP09

The market for mergers and acquisitions is extremely active with abundant liquidity and strategic buyers poking around in many industries. Valuations for attractive companies are strong but not every business is ready for a successful sale or acquisition. In this episode, I am joined by Bob McCormack, Founder and Managing Partner of Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors. […]

Entrepreneurship in Family Wealth – EP08

In this episode I talk with my business partner Kathryn M. Brown, CFP, CHFC, Co-founder & Principal of Morton Brown Family Wealth about the mindset it takes to succeed in a role that requires steadiness, perspective, and, most of all, trust. Stress and anxiety tend to show up in our relationships with money and in […]

Managing Risk with Military Precision EP07

Exploring the arc of a leader can tell you a lot about how they choose to lead in their career and in life. In this episode, I am joined by Colin Keefe, a mergers and acquisitions attorney and Shareholder at Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba. Colin represents sellers in eight- and nine-figure strategic and private equity […]

Curating Creative Leadership EP06

In business, some of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders maintain right and left-brained strengths. In this episode, I am joined by Zeke Zelker, a critically acclaimed and award-winning filmmaker. Both his background in economics and finance and his uniquely creative approach have lead to his success as a producer and entrepreneur. Zeke produced the […]

Fostering Versatile Leadership EP05

We are all called to be more flexible and innovative as leaders. In this episode, I am joined by Craig Reynolds, former CEO of Cigars International and current Senior Advisor to Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and his Executive Coach, Eleanor Lawrence of Human Dynamics, LLC and the Center for Creative Leadership. After engaging with Eleanor as a […]

Building a Collaborative Team EP04

Restrictions due to COVID-19 hit the travel and tourism industry hard. The number one priority? Safety. I recently sat down with Tom Stoudt, the Executive Director for Lehigh Valley International Airport, to discuss how he is leading a regional airport and facing this challenge head-on. Tom, with a unique background as an aircraft mechanic who […]

Leading Your Family Business Through a Crisis EP03

We have all been forced to adapt to the new world we are facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. I recently sat down with Cheryl Doll, a business coach with Compass Point Consulting, LLC, to discuss how her family business clients are surviving and what crucial moves their leadership is making to thrive […]

Finding Meaning and Identity in Retirement EP02

Finding purpose in your second act can be a daunting task. I recently sat down with George Mowrer, a Certified Retirement Coach, to discuss how he is working with individuals and couples to define their identity and find meaning and happiness in retirement. In this episode, George reveals a simple structure for to evaluating what’s […]

Leadership Lessons From a Pandemic Expert E01

In this inaugural episode of Leading with Purpose, I am joined by Dr. Michael J. Consuelos, a leading voice in public health crises, emergency preparedness response, and pandemic response. Dr. Consuelos is a fellow Army veteran and currently serves as an executive coach and consultant in the healthcare space. Both located in the Lehigh Valley […]